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Match Report

Saturday 28th March 2009

Spencer Havers, Paul Tanton
2 - 2
Old Town New Boys

By Paul Tanton

After being taught a lesson by Seven Acre the week before, it was important we put in a performance against another of our rivals in the promotion pack. Once again the manager was not helped by availability as by Friday night we never had a recognised centre-half available due to injury, suspension and ski-ing and our striker Russ having knee trouble.

I arrived at the club for the second time after having had a 'Dave Martin moment' having forgot my pads at just before 2pm. There was no need to panic as Dan Head has introduced a new warm-up technique as he has worked out that when we are a shambles we play better. An interesting theory which no doubt Capello will use in the next World Cup. After about 20 minutes of doing nothing the older players (has-beens - Daragh/Myself), decided they need time to get changed and 10 minutes later the rest of the team followed. The team sort of picked itself with Daragh and Pete 'volunteering' to play centre-half and two new recruits on the subs bench.

Team as follows
Mark Edwards - GK
Rich Tapsfield - RB
Dave Martin - LB
Pete Morton - CH
Daragh Nott - CH
Lee Cross - RM
Dan Head - LM
Sam Evans - CM
Stu Lenton - CM
Paul Tanton - CF
Spencer Havers - CF
Subs – Dan Godward and Jake Nethercot

Having warmed up for about 5 mins, which was probably longer than Dan Head wanted us to we kicked off with the strong wind in our favour first half. However for the first 20 minutes we were under the cosh as the newly formed defence struggled to cope. Old Town took a deserved lead with a midfield player side-footing home from the edge of the area. This shook us into life and we got ourselves back in the game following a good free-kick which Old Town failed to clear and Tanton popped up to tap into the empty net.

Our midfield began to impose itself on the game and we now looked the stronger side. Soon after, Spencer went one on one with the keeper and scored to put us 2-1 up. We then missed another couple of half chances and at half time we were well worth our lead but with the wind against 2nd half it was always going to be very hard to grind a result. Danny's halftime team talk was a classic and one straight from coaching manual. He said 'they think we are sh** and we think they are sh** so someone must be right'. I can imagine Rafa using that line in the Champions League.

The second half kicked off and our defence was under immediate pressure but Mark Edwards was inspired between the sticks. Some of his saves in the 2nd half would have made Sly Stallone in 'Escape to Victory' proud. Our defence and midfield got in some vital blocks and tackles as well. We played most of the half on the break but nearly scored a couple of times with Stu, Spencer and sub Dan nearly scoring that vital 3rd goal. Old Town were clearly frustrated having been thwarted so many times and with their final shot of about 20 in the second half scored a truly gutting equaliser. The final whistle blew and we looked totally pi**ed off.

Despite the dropping of more vital points this was one of our most committed displays of the season and the team spirit and attitude was truly first class. We now have 6 games to play and we must try to pick up as many points as possible starting this coming Saturday against Beaverwood.

Man of the Match - Mark Edwards