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Match Report

Sunday 9th November 2008


Senior Vets
Pete Harvey
1 - 1
Baltic Exchange Vets

By Patrice Mongelard

“Remembrance Sunday spirit from Farnborough hands Baltic a draw (1-1)”

It remains a mystery how we did not win this game against a very average Baltic side compared to recent years. Perhaps it was the surprise that the game was on but there is a feeling we never really turned up for this one – despite 80-85% possession, one-way traffic throughout and countless chances to put the game out of reach of Baltic.

Farnborough lined up with Toby “the unready” Harlow in goal; Patrice Mongelard, Chris Webb, Steve Blanchard and Matt Wright in defence; Paul Tanton, Chris Ponulak, Simon Harvey, and Ian Shoebridge in midfield; Peter Harvey and Paul Smith up front. Reserves were Trevor Stewart, Darren Mace and Paul Parsons. Referee was Mick Gearing, who allegedly saw action in the Boer War.

When Toby Harlow announced that he was going in goal – two of the strikers in the team whispered that we would have to get a few goals today to win this one. Yet – Toby had at most three saves to make in this game. The defence was sound and provided a solid platform for a midfield that saw much of the ball and passed it around well. The team was well-balanced, confident, playing collectively and more than matching our opponents – but the final ball was never really there. When Peter Harvey scored, from a lofted through ball which Chris Webb was adamant he meant, it was no more than we deserved – in fact much less. The second half was equally one-sided – Darren, Trevor and Paul came on and things carried on as before.

But unfortunately Baltic equalised in that half. A tame lob of a 30-yard free kick, which took a while to come down, aimed at the middle of the goal went through Toby’s fingers with no other player within 5 yards of him. There is no other way to describe this in a polite or positive way. Sadly this will be remembered more that anything else Toby did in that game – not very fair but there you are.

It is not the done thing to mention one’s relatives in one’s match reports – and after the trouble my granny caused last week I was resolved not to mention her again – but by popular demand she is back in two different positions: up front where she would have scored the sitter missed by Paul Smith (from yet another unselfish pass from Peter Harvey) and in goal where she would have saved the Baltic free kick that gave them their ill-deserved equaliser.

Man of the match – Steve Blanchard – who gets a kiss from my nan.

Talking of remembrance Sunday – best wishes from the team to an old Farnborough stalwart Glyn Farrell who was glimpsed pitch side – looking 10 years younger, with plenty of sun-bleached hair and perma tan. We need a mid-season break to Spain, I think, far away from the Baltic to regain our scoring touch.

As they say in football we are disappointed with our result. Better than being satisfied with it I suppose. This is our 4th consecutive undefeated game – something which was rare even in Glyn’s playing days. So let’s put things right next week against Toby vets. We’ll have a few missing but a few coming back also.