Farnborough OBG FC
AC Wilgar
AC Wilgar

Match Report

Sunday 16th October 2005


Senior Vets
0 - 5
Met. Police Vets

By Roger French

This week we dispensed with the pre-match tactic talk as all talk was concerned with coming up with toilet gags along the lines “you’ll be running the line Toby”, “make sure you don’t follow through on your tackles Toby” etc, etc. This delightful turn of events came about following Toby Harlow giving advice on the side effects of taking such products as Wind-Ease and how it takes effect in the early hours. You really don’t want to hear about his bed wear precautions I can assure you! All this resulted in the usual pitch side equipment including a jumbo sized toilet roll…and it wasn’t there for use by enthusiastic spectators to throw on the pitch!

To the game – up against the Met Police so a tough match was expected. We had Toby Manchip returning in goal after dislocating a finger 3 weeks ago and he carried on his consistent form in goal. The team formation in the changing room looked like some sort of Christmas tree – 1 at the back then a few more in front of him with loads in midfield and a couple up front. These new formations are taking a lot of getting used to. Most teams we play have far too much space to run at us down the wings – we know and talk about it each week but its just not happening. Maybe we should invest in a few crates of Red Bull after all that is supposed to give you wings – might be more helpful than a sack load of Listerine dog breath strips mixed in with various forms of condoms. Funny sort of promotion!

Anyway for the first 15 – 20 minutes we more than matched the Met and should even have scored twice. As it was they scored following a good save by Toby, who could only parry the shot but their forward was quickest to react (with a hint of offside) to pick up the rebound. We lost our shape (which was not difficult as not many people know what shape it is) and another 3 goals for the rest of the half. The second half was much better from us and we created a fair number of chances but were unable to put any away. They did mange to score one more but all in all it was much more even.

Some positives to take from the game – Toby Manchip made it through the whole game in one piece and looks good in goal, Toby Harlow also made it through the whole game without resorting to a mad dash for cover and there was more encouragement in the team and less moaning.