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Match Report

Sunday 22nd January 2006


Crofton Albion Vets
1 - 0
Senior Vets

By Roger French

This week saw the return of The Juggler Manchip (aka The Silver Flash or Grey Blur but more of that later) in goal with additional help provided from our former manager and most senior player in Mick Gearing and a guest appearance from Andy Cobham of the Sunday XI whose game had been postponed.

The game had been switched from an away match to a home fixture to allow Toby Harlow to go off celebrating at a birthday party. It was a bit of a shame we couldn’t give him more to celebrate with our continued failure to convert pressure into goals. This was probably the fifth game in a row where we had more than our fair share of the game to win it but still missed out on our first victory of the season. However, having switched venues it meant that we got to play on a very good playing surface and enjoy the excellent facilities of our home ground. The chances are that the next game against Crofton will be at home in two weeks time so hopefully we can make amends then…unfortunately I will not be around for that game.

The game started with The Blur in goal, Pat Mongelard, Steve Blanchard, Andy Cobham and me (Roger French) at the back, a midfield of Paul Scotter, Toby Harlow, Chris Ponulak and Chris Bourlet with Colin Mant and Dave Aseltine up front. We got off to a very good start playing some very nice passing moves, getting in some good tackles and creating a lot of pressure without causing their goalkeeper too many problems. Everybody was doing their job effectively and it was a good all round team performance just a shame about the lack of goals. At the other end Toby Manchip was a blur of activity making 2 or 3 vital saves to keep Crofton out – one in particular was a point blank one on one which looked to be a dead cert for the back of the net. The defence held up with some well timed tackles and clearances and the score remain goalless at half-time.

As in previous games it took us a bit of time to get going following the half-time interval (no oranges this week though) and this allowed Crofton to edge the game by scoring the only goal of the game following a fairly hefty challenge on Toby Manchip which resulted in the ball breaking loose and falling into the path of the Crofton striker who then had a fairly empty net to aim for. The goal was fairly harsh on us but it stood. We managed to get back into the game but still could not break our duck for the game. With time running out and Farnborough pressing forward a mighty shout went up as a silver flash or rather more like a grey blur was seen flying down the pitch calling for the ball but to no avail as he was totally ignored by his own team mate and foiled by the final whistle – you guessed it…it was Toby on another one of his trips from goal!

As it was we lost by a single goal, the man of the match or blur of the match deservedly went to Toby the Juggler and we owe thanks to Andy Cobham and Micky Gearing for helping out and playing very well. It will happen I just hope I am playing when it does and can’t wait to see what the juggler gets up to when we do finally win a game. Oh and another spell check comes up with Manchu for Manchip so the choice of names for Toby just grows and grows – see you next week Foo Manchip!