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AC Wilgar

Match Report

Saturday 29th April 2006

Old Addeyans
0 - 0
First XI

By Shaun Keddle

A real dour match to end the season, with the only positive being a clean sheet.

Not a great deal to say about this performance, but I don’t really want to go into it too much as it did extend our unbeaten run to 5 matches and conceding only two goals. Addeyans looked very unorganised at the beginning of this match and did not turn up onto the pitch until a couple of minutes before the match started and kicked off with little or no warm up. The pitch was horrible - very dry, bumpy and full of worm casts which is unusual for Addeyans, who usually have very decent playing surfaces to be proud of.

However, we never seem to take advantage of other teams weaknesses and always pass the buck for someone else to do it which enabled Addeyans to start the better side. We do at times lack that killer instinct. We could not even kick the ball straight let alone string a pass together. We never really got going and the half ended with nothing really happening just a very sub-standard game of football with no desire or life.

The second half did not change that much although we were easily the better side, but repeatedly failed to hit the target yet alone the net. Why does everyone want to burst the net? A goal is counted when the ball crosses the line and the Addeyans keeper had little to do due to incorrect decision making and very erratic finishing from the boys in red & yellow. This was not a good advert for Kent league football and we can all be embarrassed about our performances, although we did manage to keep a clean sheet, our 3rd in 5 games. Ford in goal had little to do to be fair, so the defence could argue that they did their job, but at the same time distribution and service to the players in front of them was sub-standard to say the least.

If we have any aspirations of promotion next season, than we can never play like this again. The 5th spot is now in Chipstead''s hands and not ours.

Full season round up to follow.