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Match Report

Saturday 15th January 2011

Charlton Athletic Deaf
1 - 2
Fourth XI
Graeme Barnes, Connor Barclay

By Colin Brazier

Fourths Come Through Latest Exam with A’s and B+’s

A wonderful result for the Fourth grade on their return after the winter holidays. Everyone got an A or B+, with the exception of Smart, T. (top of the class, naturally) and Foyle, J., who was excused, as explained below.

Class register:

A llen Major;

B arnes Minor (S.)
B ailey, P.
A rnold, T.
B razier, C.;

A llen Minor
S mart, T.
B arnes Major
F oyle J.;

B arnes Minor (G.)
B arclay, C.;

Detention: B lanchard Major, B lanchard Minor.

Blanchard Major and Blanchard Minor were late (Blanchard Minor struggling to finish his homework in time, apparently). Form master Mr Fallon (“Doris”) duly punished them by not letting them out to play until the end of break. This meant that Foyle, J. was asked to forget about his sick note which he did willingly.

Head boy (for the day, at least) was Barnes Major, without his prefect’s badge. That has been retained by his predecessor (Gardiner, M.) who, contrary to rumour, has NOT been expelled but has left the school on medical grounds (ankle).

The pass-rate among the class was especially good, probably the best all term. This can be put down to the amount of revision done by the younger students, and the long memories of the older ones.

The examination itself started well when Barnes Minor (G.) got the right answer to the first question (shoot past the keeper from 15 yards), ably assisted by Allen Minor. Shortly afterwards, Arnold was wrongly penalised by the invigilator for pushing, and Allen Major was unable to come up with the answer to the resulting question.

For the remainder of the test it was the Guild’s boys asking most of the questions, the highlight being when Barclay C. finished off a fine team effort shortly before the interval.

The under-the-weather Foyle J. was replaced by Blanchard Minor, and following an injury Blanchard Major found himself outside of his back-of-the-class comfort zone for the last ten minutes.

An excellent all round performance. Top marks went to Smart T., but Bailey P., on his return to school after bunking off (for four years!!), deserves a gold star. He was always willing to put his hand up to ask questions about offside (usually incorrectly).

So it was all back on the school bus to Farrow Fields and Mrs S.’s Tuck Shop, where a very pleased headmaster (“Happy” Farrow) let us all off homework for a week.

Books were provided by the Foyles, of course. Thanks to Ian for acting as classroom assistant.

Lesson notes taken by: Brazier, C.

Man of the match: Tom Smart