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Match Report

Saturday 17th August 2013


Adam Ellson, Stuart Lenton, Lloyd Miller
3 - 0
Bexley Borough

By Luke Johnson

Our first proper friendly. Total dominance.

Our first proper friendly. Total dominance.

After Sunday mornings & random tournaments to get a few minutes under our belts we finally had a Saturday afternoon home game. With a squad of 18, and a near sellout crowd, we played against a side from the league above us.

From the first minute to the last we completely outplayed Bexley. Our back 5 were solid, with Joe making an impressive debut at right back. The midfield 3 dominated and closed down every ball. The front 3 pulled the Bexley defence all over the place. 3-0 flattered our opponents, we could quite easily of added more in the second half.
Even with 6 changes at half time we gelled very well.
Ad Ellson got our first, pouncing on a mistake by their no. 7, more on him later, and slotting home from a difficult angle. Stu\'s goal a few minutes later was almost identical.
Lloyd grabbed our third a minute later. I\'ve completely forgotten what happened. Luckily my assistant Matt Ellis reminded me \"Their no. 7 gave it away and I slotted Lloyd through\" Dave Martin also helped me by adding \"Bottom Left corner\" Thanks Dave

All in all a classy performance on a difficult pitch. 3 friendlies left, 3 victories hopefully.

Their no. 7

This fella deserves a paragraph. Not only did he love a pointless step over. not only did he gift us 2 goals. Not only did he get sent off in a friendly. More than any of this, he wore an Alice band! Now I understand that it\'s 2013 and some \"men\" find it necessary to wear hair bands whilst playing. But their 7 was receding faster than me. It was honestly the worst all round performance from an opposing player I\'ve ever seen.

The only down side to this week was news that Al Baynes won\'t be signing for us. We will all miss him

Team - Lee Gibbs, Dave Martin, Luke Johnson, Lee Cross, Joe Thenewlad, Ad Ellson, Matt Ellis, Stu Lenton, Al Barnes, Bill Webb, Lloyd Miller, Rich Piles, Chris Francis, James Pyne, Louis Hussey, Errol Ahmed, Nigel Johnstone

MOM - Their no. 7

Man of the match: Their No. 7