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Match Report

Saturday 24th August 2013


Errol Ahmed 2, Adam Ellson
3 - 1
Knights Academy

By Luke Johnson

A win, loads of rain & a disappearing Gibbo

Our 3rd friendly win on the bounce was a good old tale of 2 halves. 3-0 up at half time and playing some good stuff, we took our foot off the pedal and were pretty poor in the second half.

Our preparations weren\'t helped by our keeper not being there. We haven\'t heard from him all day. Gibbo, if you\'re out there mate, we\'re not angry, we just miss you.

Al Barnes agreed, sort of, to go in goal & kept a clean sheet, even after a very odd 30 seconds where he forgot he could use his hands.

Errol Ahmed got our first after 10 minutes following some excellent all round play. Ad Ellson finished off a good move a few minutes later to make it 2-0.

Matt Ellis then whipped in another \'great ball\', he played some worldies in the first half, from a corner. Even though he was definitely aiming for me, it was met by a great glancing header from Errol to make it 3-0.

After the break it started raining properly. Mad, end of the world, style rain. The game then got a bit heated, which is one of our strong points.

Not content with scoring a brace, Errol then took over from Barnes in goal. A few minutes later he brought down their striker when the ball was rolling out of play, bit odd, and the pen that followed was dispatched, 3-1. He made up for that with a point blank save a few minutes later.

The rest of the game was awful. But a win\'s a win.

Matt Ellis has let being manager (my assistant) go to his head a bit and now insists on being penalty, free kick, corner, throw in and goal kick taker. This has to stop Matt.

Last pre-season game next week, 4 in a row would be nice.

Al Barnes, Rich Tapsfield, Lee Cross, Luke Johnson, Dave Martin, Matt Ellis, Lou Hussey, Ad Ellson, Lloyd Miller, Errol Ahmed, Bill Webb, Stu Lenton, Russell Nethercot

Man of the match: Errol Ahmed