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Match Report

Saturday 30th November 2013

Bill Webb 2
2 - 1
Club Langley

By Luke Johnson

Be the shield!

A hard fought victory over a side who, although quite a way down the table, are probably the best we\'ve played this season.

Wholesale changes to the side meant a bit of an unfamiliar look to the starting line-up. Big thanks to Lee Cross who had to miss out on playing altogether as we had 6 subs, cheers Lee!

We started slowly. I think I\'ve mentioned we do that quite often. Langley went 1-0 up after a good ball over the top fell to their striker, who got lucky with his touch and flicked it in. Me and George at CB were hoping to see Ellis with his flag up, but he was playing by the rules, which was frustrating.

Up top, Bill, Russell and debutant Tom Delaney were playing brilliantly. In truth the rest of us were playing a little below par, but we did manage to get level right on half-time. I can\'t remember who crossed the ball in, sorry whoever it was! Bill was on hand to fire in a shot which the keeper saved, but the rebound fell to Bill to tap in his 10th of the season.

Second half we were much, much better. We started to get the ball down and use our midfield. Our second came after about an hour. Barnes got down the left and lobbed (of course) a ball into the box. Bill decided against trying to head it in, and instead pulled off a quality acrobatic finish.

STOP PRESS: Joe Slater texted me in what I can only imagine were floods of tears on Tuesday afternoon. He would like it put on record that it was in fact him and not Al Barnes who set up the 2nd goal. I remember it now. Joe ran about 90 yards with the ball, got a massive nose bleed in their box, and did something which could possibly be considered a cross. It looped up to Bill, who completed the acrobatic finish. My apologies Joe, you are the best.

Gibbo had to come to our rescue late on with a cracking save, and we weathered a bit of a storm, but in general we were in control of the game.

Russ was making some very odd noises throughout which entertained us. Taps got through 90 minutes without an injury, unheard of! Apparently Ad Ellson was playing all game, I only saw him from about 60 minutes onwards. Ellis got booked for being petulant. In all honesty I asked the ref to book him after he turned down my request for him to \"Be The Shield.\" 48 hours on, I still have no idea what I was on about.

The ref had a great game, which was nice.

Bill got MOM. Another two goal haul, 11 in 10 now! Stu broke the already broken trophy, which has upset me greatly. Hopefully Bill\'s buying a new one this week. Gibbo and the back 4 were solid again, our goals against column is impressive. Midfield had a hard job this week, but stuck to their tasks. Up top MOM Bill and runner up for MOM Russ put in quality performances. A really impressive debut from Tom Delaney, who fitted in well despite being about 15 years younger than all of us! Barnes and Errol did well coming onto the wings in the second half. Someone has to buy Errol an alarm clock.

Dave Martin\'s birthday was a resounding success. Sunday was a total write off. Can\'t remember much, but I know we threw Al Barnes\' socks away and he snuck off to find them and put them back on again. Joe shaved his \'tache off, which meant I could look at him without being scared. Gibbo went for a romantic meal, but managed to join us for a bout of karaoke. And Dave wore a ladies\' scarf all night.

Team - Lee Gibbs; Joe Slater (Dave Martin), Luke Johnson, George Belchamber, Richard Tapsfield; Lou Hussey (Stu Lenton), Rich Piles (Matt Ellis), Ad Ellson; Russell Nethercot (Errol Ahmed), Bill Webb, Tom Delaney (Al Barnes)

Man of the match: Bill Webb