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Match Report

Saturday 5th April 2014

Matt Ellis, Pat Harvey
2 - 0
Tudor Sports Reserves

By Luke Johnson

Why couldn't it have been anyone else?

A pretty poor game, summed up by 2 odd goals, and not a lot else.

A slow start, which saw Tudor being the more dominant side had us a bit worried. We beat these earlier in the season 2-0 as well, but today's victory was a lot tougher. After not creating too much, and relying on Gibbo to save us a couple of times we finally got the breakthrough about half hour in.

I've been debating how to sum up Matt Ellis' opener.

Do I lie, and say it was a tap in? Or a mis-hit?

Do I ignore it and just say he scored?

Do I simply say I wasn't watching at that point?

I have decided to be honest, as honesty is the best policy.

After a poor kick out by Tudor's keeper the ball arrived to Matt on the half volley about 40-45 yards from goal. Anyone who has ever played with / against or watched Ellis play knows he can kick a ball roughly 20 yards, tops. So a shot was never in the equation.

Unfortunately for all of us, the half volley went in. We will never, ever, hear the end of it.

After that we controlled the game, whilst never being sure of the 3 points, as 1 nil is always precarious.

Substitute Pat Harvey made sure of the points when he punched the ball into the net. It was handball. We all knew it, why their team didn't protest is a mystery.

Ref was excellent, a free flowing game. Fair play to Tudor, they shouldn't be where they are in the league.

On a side note, Alex Barnes made the funniest attempt at defending I have ever seen. After running fully 70 yards to close down their winger in the 90th minute, Lance had the chance to knock the ball out for a throw on the halfway line. Instead he booted it off for a Tudor corner. Obviously we all had a go at him, to which he replied "Don't shout at me, I've just run 70 yards". Yeah Al, 68 more than you've run all year.

Richard Pile was definitely going to be named MOM, until his body broke on the hour mark. He runs marathons for fun, but cannot complete 90 mins of football to save his life.

Clean sheets are nice, as are victories. Reckon we can still win the league!!

Team - Gibbo, Ren, Crossy, Dave, Taps, Joe, Ellis, Piles, Zander, Danny G, Stu L
Subs - Lou, Nige, Pat

MOM - Anyone but Matt Ellis

Man of the match: Matt Ellis