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AC Wilgar

Match Report

Sunday 15th January 2006

Sunday XI
Lee Cleaver
1 - 1

By Paul Tanton

A very good performance against the league leaders.

Due to Bazza dropping out due to a dodgy madras the night before, we changed formation to 4-5-1. I''ve seen Mouriniho do it, so I thought why not? This stifled Midfield''s midfield and Ray Perkins and Dave Harrigan are more than capable of supporting lone striker Adam Dawson quickly. The other thing we did on Sunday which weren''t doing before Christmas, was we hunted the ball down with 3 or 4 people pressurising the opponent with the ball forcing him into a mistake. Our talking and communication were also much better and we looked solid all around the park.

Although Midfield had a lot of possession they were restricted to long range efforts but sometimes we rode our luck with a flick header hitting our post and some bad finishing. We took the lead after about 15 minutes, after great work down the right involving Adam, Ray and Dave. Dave crossed to Lee Cleaver to head in his second goal of the weekend. From then on Midfield pressed for an equaliser but we looked dangerous on the break with Dave Harrigan again unlucky and Adam caught offside by a couple of harsh linesman decisions (I thought the attacking player got the benefit of the doubt these days?).

With about 5 minutes left Midfield score their equaliser which they probably deserved, but we nearly won it when Ray''s shot produced a very good save from the Midfield goalkeeper.

Anyway excellent performances this week by everyone, no-one can use that "they are better than us" excuse now, which I heard a couple of times before Christmas.

ps. I am now going to have a whinge. It would be handy and appreciated by myself, Vic and all the committee of the club if a few players gave a little bit more. Below is a list of jobs that player could do but don''t seem to give a t*ss.

1. fill-up and take the water-bottles up to the pitch (On Sunday 15 players walked past them and no one picked them up)

2. the bucket (same as point 1)

3. first aid kit (same as point 1)

4. sweep and tidy the changing rooms (the best facilities in Kent should be more appreciated)

5. mop the showers (same as point 4)

6. help out when Vic asks for help at the bar

Now I know you are all going to point to my co-manager going AWOL, but you would all moan if points 1 to 6 weren''t done.