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Match Report

Sunday 24th September 2006


Senior Vets
Colin Mant
1 - 1
Cudham Vets

By Chris Ponulak

The cerebral cortex is an amazing thing, when imagining a kaleidoscope of rainbows all you really see is whispering smokes of autumnal hues in a cloud covered satin sheet.

And so it was our second match against a Cudham of inferior numbers and penetration. If penetration is what this game is all about then we would have won hands down with the cuffs locked on and scrapping at our little digits. But it isn’t is it. So on with the match, with our under strengthened team and their under numbered team, it was there for the taking. But as time allows it’s never quite as easy as that.

Thus we had our chance to go for glory and beat a team that usually mashes us up quite nicely. The problem of course against a team of 10 is that you expect to win without putting in the effort required. 10 soon became 9 as one of their players limped off after about 15 minutes. So on it went with each passing minute bringing more and more stalemate. We just didn’t seem to get into any rhythm at all with simple passes going astray, and lack of calling, and speaking to each other - it was becoming just another one of those days.

Then suddenly Colin "the hair" Mant popped up from nowhere to power in a neat drive to put us ahead. Thus it stayed that way until a couple of minutes before half time when the inevitable happened, and they equalised. With the needed half time chat over and out, we came back to play a little better in the second half, but once again just could not convert that elusive and most probably winning second goal. So it ended a 1-1 draw, a little surprising considering our superiority in numbers, but as they say

A draw''s a draw unless it''s a painting and then you have to decide the raging debate currently being pursued of the impressionists versus the surrealists who impose their drug fuelled energies with hypnotic substances that imposes clearer vision and therefore higher intellectual stimuli upon the wetted canvas. Me, I just use my daughter’s crayons.

Mind you I think we would have taken a draw against Cudham if it was offered to us before the match any day.

Well lads, Maidstone this week - another little knee trembler. Keep up the good work.....we can only get fitter....who’s up for training then?

Luv ya Jimmy the Fish.

P.S. Man of the Match = Colin Ebdon