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AC Wilgar

Match Report

Sunday 14th January 2007


Diamond Vets
2 - 1
Senior Vets
Paul Smith

By Chris Ponulak

Liberation Theology is a sometimes controversial subject of theological thought which in its essence directs those that are abjectly downtrodden to rise up and use all their angst to overthrow those that are subjugating the masses. Thus political activism becomes the norm and those who usually see themselves as being the least, suddenly empower themselves, and with ruthless enthusiasm hopefully upend the stagnant system and replace it with one which seeks parity for all.

With this in mind, and with all of us refuelled after the Christmas excess, we took to the field in the firm belief that "We could win this one". With 2 new caps we were looking good.

Unfortunately one of our new recruits Mark James slipped on a blade of grass before the game even started, cried out foul, slunked down on the pitch, rolled over in agony, and with a Beckenham tsunami approaching, gave us the worse possible start - having broken his ankle in 27 places - or so it seemed at the time!. Luckily we had super sub Geordie diddley-dee to take his place, a grand fellow who took his new found opportunity well.

So the game began, and as usual we started the game with as much speed and activism as a pregnant sausage roll in extra batter! It took us some time to get under way, but when we did we played some fabulous football and totally outplayed the opposition for the vast majority of the half. We came in at half time one down; a very unrealistic score line.

The second half began much as the first, where they dominated the first 15 and we then took over, with golden opportunities to score we missed chance after chance, especially where on 3 occasions we only had the fragile goalkeeper to beat. We finally managed to score through Paul Smith, but with only 2 minutes to go, we ran out losers again to a side we clearly should have beaten. If only we can liberate ourselves, and use our footballing acumen to the good, then we certainly can overthrow the opposition and instil our might against our subjugators. One day everything is just going to click and we are going to absolutely thrash some team................but for now we must all live in hope.

In short we need to rectify our stifled stagnancy and instil some new dynamic force of devastating power that will illuminate our potential in becoming the dream team we know we can become

But now that I’ve woken-up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep da faith en ting................luv ya.............Jimmy the Fish

Man of the Match. (That 60 minute wonder)............Stewart "Six Guns" Savage.............Well Done.