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Match Report

Saturday 11th November 2006

Third XI
0 - 3
Eltham Palace Res.

By Paul Parsons

Statisticians play a big part in most football round ups. Goals for, goals against, possession in which third of the pitch, fouls conceded, performance over last six games. Average this and average that, lots and lots of numbers. They must earn their money because I think some of the stats they come up with are boring, who looks at this, and does anyone really care?

Well that is what I felt like until Saturday. For me Saturday was the turning point in statistical analysis. I bow to them all. I have found the mother of all stats……

Arnold (right back); Viner (centre back); Parsons (centre back); Brazier (left back). Combined total of ages compared with rest of starting line up……

Stoyle (keeper); Lipton (right midfield); Blay (centre midfield); Akwasi (centre midfield); Dine (left midfield); Davies (forward); Tomkins (forward).

Answer: Back four 175, remaining 7 players 176!

Big sigh!!!!!!!!!!

I felt that we played very well against a team at the top of the table. We kept possession, we fought hard and never gave up for the full 90 minutes. We were unlucky to concede the first goal, 2 or 3 tackles and each time the ball bobbled on to the forward for him to cross and give Rod no chance in goal. The second was good attacking play by Palace and then a chance for us to clear as the cross came in, only for Colin and Djan to get in each other''s way and kick the ball at the same time with the ball squirting to the Palace forward''s feet to calmly put it in. The third was poor on our part, a floating corner to the back post, myself and Todd got half a head to it, only for the Palace player to nod on and for the ball to bounce agonisingly round three defenders on the line and in off the post.

So three ‘unlucky goals’, however it shows how close this league is, and we are not even a third of the way through. We have only lost three games, there is plenty left in this league to play for. We played good football this week, keeping the ball and passing and moving, all of us wanted the ball. However we must try to get into more dangerous positions and shoot at goal.
As the statisticians will tell you, no shots on goal, no goals! They really earn their money don’t they?!?!