Farnborough OBG FC
AC Wilgar
AC Wilgar

Senior Vets



Managers: Mick O'Flynn and Patrice Mongelard

Mick: 07500 353234; mof1959@gmail.com
Patrice: 07852 986976; patricemongelard@hotmail.co.uk

League Table

Up to and including
Sunday 14th April 2019

In a league of our own!

P W D L F A GD Pts
31 20 6 5 125 56 69 66

Results Chart
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Scorers as at
Sunday 14th April 2019

Name Goals
Harvey P. 36
Hardy 32
Michael 8
Mkala 7
Thomas 7
Thompson 6
Hetherington 4
Kleanthous 4
Gracanin 3
Ugwumba 3
Ellis 2
Hills 2
Mant 2
Murphy 2
Shoebridge 2
Friend 1
Loizou 1
Lyons 1
Mullins 1
Own goals 1

Results and Fixtures

Date H/A Opponents Comp.   Res. Scorers Report
Aug 12 No fixture -  
Aug 19 H STC Sports Vets Friendly L 1-2 Peter Harvey STC Sports Vets(H) match report
Aug 26 H Orpington Vets Friendly W 8-2 Peter Harvey 4, Simon Thomas 2, Danny Mullins, Chisa Mkala Orpington Vets(H) match report
Sep 2 H Erith Vets Friendly W 1-0 George Kleanthous Erith Vets(H) match report
Sep 9 H CUACO Vets Friendly W 4-2 Peter Harvey 3, Mark Friend CUACO Vets(H) match report
Sep 16 A Sanco Super Vets Friendly D 2-2 Peter Harvey, Jay Hardy Sanco Super Vets(A) match report
Sep 23 A West Farleigh Vets Friendly W 1-0 Jay Hardy West Farleigh Vets(A) match report
Sep 30 A Belvedere Vets Friendly L 2-3 Simon Thomas, Obi Ugwumba Belvedere Vets(A) match report
Oct 7 A Inter Vyagra Super Vets Friendly W 13-3 Peter Harvey 5, George Kleanthous 3, Waine Hetherington 2, Jay Hardy, Ian Shoebridge, Gordon Thompson 1. Inter Vyagra Super Vets(A) match report
Oct 14 H Inter The Valley Vets Friendly W 7-0 Jay Hardy 3, Obi Ugwumba, Lee Loizou, Simon Thomas, Peter Harvey Inter The Valley Vets(H) match report
Oct 21 A CUACO Vets Friendly W 3-1 Kypros Michael 2 (1 pen.), Matt Ellis CUACO Vets(A) match report
Oct 28 A Ashburnham Wanderers Friendly W 5-2 Colin Mant 2, Gordon Thompson, Kypros Michael, Peter Harvey Ashburnham Wanderers(A) match report
Nov 4 H Belvedere Vets Friendly W 6-0 Jay Hardy 3, Peter Harvey (pen.), Sinisa Gracanin, Ian Lyons Belvedere Vets(H) match report
Nov 11 H Remembrance Day Memorial Match Friendly D 3-3 Remembrance Day Memorial Match(H) match report
Nov 18 H Reigate Priory Vets Friendly W 8-1 Jay Hardy 4, Peter Harvey 2, Gordon Thompson, Waine Hetherington Reigate Priory Vets(H) match report
Nov 25 A Old Tamponians Super Vets Friendly W 4-3 Peter Harvey 2 (both pens), Chisa Mkala, Jay Hardy Old Tamponians Super Vets(A) match report
Dec 2 A Orpington Vets Friendly D 2-2 Gordon Thompson, Sinisa Gracanin Orpington Vets(A) match report
Dec 9 H Old Tamponians Super Vets Friendly W 2-1 Chisa Mkala, Waine Hetherington Old Tamponians Super Vets(H) match report
Dec 16 A Wellcome Super Vets Friendly W 6-4 Jay Hardy 2, Peter Harvey 2, Chisa Mkala 2 Wellcome Super Vets(A) match report
Dec 23 A STC Sports Vets Friendly W 2-1 Jay Hardy, Simon Thomas STC Sports Vets(A) match report
Dec 30 No fixture -  
Jan 6 H Inter Vyagra Super Vets Friendly W 6-1 Jay Hardy 4, Peter Harvey, Ian Shoebridge Inter Vyagra Super Vets(H) match report
Jan 13 A Baltic Vets Friendly W 3-1 Jay Hardy 2, Kypros Michael Baltic Vets(A) match report
Jan 20 A Glendale Vets Friendly L 2-3 Chisa Mkala 2 Glendale Vets(A) match report
Jan 27 A Lads of the Village Super Vets Friendly W 7-1 Peter Harvey 2 (1 pen.), Simon Thomas 2, Jay Hardy, Gordon Thompson, OG Lads of the Village Super Vets(A) match report
Feb 3 H Sanco Super Vets Friendly P-P Unfit pitch  
Feb 10 N Catford Wanderers Vets Friendly P-P Waterlogged pitch  
Feb 17 H West Farleigh Vets Friendly W 4-2 Jay Hardy 2, Michael Hills, Peter Harvey West Farleigh Vets(H) match report
Feb 24 H Santos Vets Friendly W 5-0 Peter Harvey 2 (1 pen.), Michael Hills, Kypros Michael, Gordon Thompson Santos Vets(H) match report
Mar 3 H Lads of the Village Super Vets Friendly W 6-0 Jay Hardy 2, Kypros Michael 2, Peter Harvey, Sinisa Gracanin Lads of the Village Super Vets(H) match report
Mar 10 A Reigate Priory Vets Friendly D 5-5 Peter Harvey 2, Matt Ellis (pen.), Jay Hardy, Kypros Michael Reigate Priory Vets(A) match report
Mar 17 N Glendale Vets Friendly L 1-3 Peter Harvey Glendale Vets(N) match report
Mar 24 A Catford Wanderers Vets Friendly D 2-2 Peter Harvey (pen.), Jay Hardy Catford Wanderers Vets(A) match report
Mar 31 H Baltic Vets Friendly L 2-4 Jay Hardy 2 Baltic Vets(H) match report
Apr 7 A Avery Hill Vets Friendly D 2-2 Peter Harvey, Obi Ugwumba Avery Hill Vets(A) match report
Apr 14 A Riverside Wanderers Friendly D 3-3 Dean Murphy 2, Peter Harvey (pen.) Riverside Wanderers(A) match report
Apr 21 A Sanatogen Vets Friendly -  
Apr 28 H Riverside Wanderers Friendly -  
May 5 A Bird in Hand Vets Friendly -  
May 12 H Ashburnham Wanderers Friendly -  
May 19 A FOBG Young Vets Friendly -