Premier Pensions Village Cuisine Culverhouse Accountants

Name Goals
Harvey P. 23
Kleanthous 18
Tanton 11
Dawson 9
Cooke R. 9
Davies R. 7
Connelly 5
Carpenter 2
Nott 2
Own goals 2
Wright 2
Lipscomb 1
Manwaring 1
Rosslee 1
Simpson 1
St John 1

Season 2009-10


Team Managers: Danny Saines and Paul Tanton

League Table

Final Table

Young FOBG Vets

All Matches

BHosp: Beckenham Hospital Charity Cups Competition
Date   H/A Opponents Comp.   Res. Scorers
Sep 6 H Lloyds Golden Oldies Friendly D 2-2 Paul Tanton, Pete Harvey
Lloyds Golden Oldies(H) match report
13 A Sporting St George Friendly L 1-4 Pete Harvey. This was not a Vets match.
Sporting St George(A) match report
20 A Cudham Vets Friendly L 4-6 Paul Tanton 2, Daragh Nott, George Kleanthous
Cudham Vets(A) match report
27 H Maidstone Vets Friendly W 6-0 Adam Dawson 4, Neil Connelly, Pete Harvey
Maidstone Vets(H) match report
Oct 4 H Wellcome Vets Friendly W 4-1 Daragh Nott, Pete Harvey, Paul Tanton, OG
Wellcome Vets(H) match report
11 H Met. Police Vets Friendly L 1-3 Paul Tanton
Met. Police Vets(H) match report
18 H Welsh Tavern Vets Friendly W 5-2 Aaron Carpenter 2, George Kleanthous, Neil Connelly, Paul Tanton
Welsh Tavern Vets(H) match report
25 No fixture -
Nov 1 A Wickham Park Vets Friendly W 4-2 George Kleanthous 4
Wickham Park Vets(A) match report
8 H Wickham Park Vets Friendly W 6-0 Paul Tanton 2, Adam Dawson 2, Rich Davies, George Kleanthous
Wickham Park Vets(H) match report
15 A Toby Vets Friendly W 5-2 George Kleanthous 3, Paul Tanton, OG
Toby Vets(A) match report
22 A Tiger Vets Friendly A-A George Kleanthous, Robin Lipscomb. Game abandoned after 65 minutes due to rain; FOBG leading 2-0
Tiger Vets(A) match report
29 H St Josephs Vets Friendly P-P Pitch Unfit for play
Dec 6 H FC Park Hill Vets Friendly P-P Pitch was waterlogged
13 A Crofton Albion Vets BHosp 1 W 4-1 Richard Cooke 3, Pete Harvey
Crofton Albion Vets(A) match report
20 A Santos Vets Friendly P-P SNOW
27 A Wellcome Vets Friendly P-P Wellcome could not field a team.
Jan 3 No fixture -
10 H Old Tamponians Friendly P-P SNOW
17 A Welsh Tavern Vets Friendly P-P Pitch Unfit
24 H The Buff Vets Friendly W 4-2 Richard Cooke, Pete Harvey, George Kleanthous, Matt Wright
The Buff Vets(H) match report
31 A Glendale Vets Friendly P-P
Feb 7 A Old Albany Park Vets Friendly D 2-2 Rich Davies (Pen), Paul Tanton
Old Albany Park Vets(A) match report
14 A Avery Hill Vets Friendly W 8-3 Pete Harvey 6, George Kleanthous, Stuart Manwaring
Avery Hill Vets(A) match report
21 A Met. Police Vets Friendly D 1-1 Pete Harvey
Met. Police Vets(A) match report
28 H Glendale Vets Friendly P-P
Mar 7 H Santos Vets Friendly P-P
14 A Maidstone Vets Friendly D 2-2 Rich Davies, Tony Simpson
Maidstone Vets(A) match report
21 A Crofton Albion Vets Friendly W 7-1 Pete Harvey 3, George Kleanthous 2, Rich Davies, Richard Cooke
Crofton Albion Vets(A) match report
28 H Lambeth Classics BHosp 2 L 1-6 Richard Cooke
Lambeth Classics(H) match report
Apr 4 A Lloyds Golden Oldies Friendly P-P
11 A Old Tamponians Friendly W 3-1 Rich Davies 2, Paul Tanton
Old Tamponians(A) match report
18 H Avery Hill Vets Friendly W 11-0 Pete Harvey 4, Adam Dawson 3, Richard Cooke 3, Jim St John
Avery Hill Vets(H) match report
22 H Inter Vyagra Combined Vets Friendly 6-1 Match abandoned - player injury. Pete Harvey 2, George Kleanthous 2, Rich Davies, Matt Wright
25 H Cudham Vets Friendly P-P
May 2 H Old Albany Park Vets Friendly L 1-2 Pete Harvey
9 A Senior Farnborough OBG Vets Friendly W 5-0 Neil Connelly 3, George Kleanthous, Gary Rosslee (Pen.)
Senior Farnborough OBG Vets(A) match report