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Match Report

Sunday 13th March 2011


Pete Harvey, Grant Gable, Daragh Nott, George Kleanthous
4 - 0
Edenbridge Vets

By Gary Rosslee

On the back of last weeks one sided victory against Santos, Farnborough would have been hoping for a much sterner test today against Edenbridge Vets who to their credit kindly agreed to play us after the news that Maidstone folded up their Vets team and to their credit once again they made the journey up to us with a bare 11 as they had been let down the night before by no fewer than 5 of their players.

Farnborough lined up as follows

Gary Rosslee – GK
Danny Saines – LB (Edenbridge CM 2nd Half)
Matt Wright –CB
Paul Bailey – CB
Mark Friend - RB
George Kleanthous – LM
Neil Connelly - CM
Grant Gable – CM
Daragh Nott – RM (Edenbridge CM 2nd Half)
Pete Harvey – CF
Paul Tanton – CF


Jason Miller (Edenbridge RM 1st half)
Paul Brett
Robin Lipscomb

Farnborough were unlucky not to open the scoring within the first 5 minutes when the Edenbridge Goalkeeper spilled a shot and although George Kleanthous was the first to react the goalkeeper made amends by smartly blocking the rebound to keep the scores level. 10 minutes must have been on the clock when Farnborough broke the deadlock and I’m sure it will be while till you or I witness another goal as good as or even better than this one. It was one of those ‘where were you?’ moments. You know the type I mean, like ‘where were you the day that John Lennon was shot’ Or ‘where were you the day the Berlin wall fell’ Or ‘where were you the day that Pete Harvey once passed with just the goalkeeper to beat’! The Edenbridge goalkeeper took what appeared to be a regulation goal kick, perhaps he didn’t get as much purchase on it as he would have liked but taking nothing away from the finish, Daragh Nott hit the sweetest of first time volleys from around 45 yards out on the right hand side of the pitch and from the moment it left his foot the ref was already chalking up the first goal in his notebook. What made the effort look even better is the fact that the goalkeeper tried his utmost to get back across his goal and onto his line to save it but his dive was in all but vain as the ball sailed into the top corner 1-0 to the OBG’s courtesy of a Wonder goal!

Edenbridge failed to get a grip on the game and George Kleanthous soon doubled Farnborough’s lead from the penalty spot after he did his best impression of St. Christopher carrying their defender oh his back like he was the Jesus as a child, thus leaving the ref no choice but to award the spot kick and George dusted himself off to coolly slot the ball home. 2-0 Farnborough. Edenbridge then lost one of their outfield players to a hamstring injury and with them having a subs bench as bare as an Arsenal Trophy cabinet in recent years they borrowed Jason ‘The Mole’ Miller for the remainder of the half. Edenbridge then used this change of personnel to rally themselves and they managed to carve out a three decent chances for themselves one effort which was tipped over the bar (only just) by Rosslee, and the other saw the Edenbridge attacker head straight at Rosslee after Miller had delivered an excellent cross into the box, but their best chance came when Farnborough failed to clear a loose ball in the penalty box and the Edenbridge swivelled and shot horrendously over the bar from 6 yards out.

With this as wake up call Farnborough pressed for a third goal and found it through Pete Harvey who neatly rolled 2 men on the edge of the box and smashed home emphatically leaving the Goalkeeper absolutely no chance. 3-0 to the OBG’s Farnborough could have gone into the break with at least another 3 goals to their name but were unable to convert the chances. Half time.3-0 OBG’s

Second half got underway and Jason Miller returned to the Home team line up, Paul Brett appeared to come off as quickly as he came on and Danny Saines made way for Robin at Left back, oh and Grant Gable swapped his red shirt for a Blue shirt to take up position in midfield for the away team, this was after adding a 4th goal for Farnborough from a well worked header…..confused? I know I am!!
4-0 to the OBG’s. Unfortunately the away team were dealt another injury blow and Danny Saines donned the blue Edenbridge shirt to help them out, and later on they would also have Daragh Nott turn out for them. In the end the second half became a bit of a farce especially when Edenbridge went down to 10 men thanks to further injuries so much so that the home team goalkeeper could be seen keeping himself busy by practising penalties for the remainder of the game.

So after 90 dull minutes Farnborough ran out comprehensive winners and had another clean sheet to their name, not that this had been the busiest of mornings for the back 5. Next week Crofton Albion away and maybe just maybe there could be a new penalty taker in town?

MOM Daragh – Just for “That goal” alone!!

Man of the match: Daragh Nott