Farnborough OBG FC
AC Wilgar
AC Wilgar

Match Report

Saturday 5th November 2005

Third XI
Paul Parsons
1 - 3
Tudor Sports Res.


Anyone that watched the opening 2 seconds of this game would have known we would lose, we couldn''t even get the kick off right!!! No names mentioned.

This was our 3rd defeat in a row since a very good win against Forest Hill and our season is looking to be over already unless we pull our fingers out. After a very poor first half hour we did start to have some belief and fight, but even though we were only a goal behind and playing against 10 men thanks to a sending off, it always just seemed to be a matter of time before they scored again, although in the second half we came close on a number of occasions to levelling the score.

Can''t remember too much about the goals, although it''s fair to say all 3 were preventable, from the forwards and midfielders closing down, to the defenders defending, and the goalkeeper goalkeeping!!! We have got good enough players to win each game we play in, if we play with belief and confidence. The confidence should start from within, ie supporting and encouraging your team mates. It''s obviously not happening becuase one of the younger players told me at half time he was too scared to cross the ball!!! He''s probably the most comfortable player on the ball we have yet we''re destroying his confidence!!! Anyway I''ll leave it there as we spoke about it post game on Saturday and hopefully as of now all we''ll hear during a game is encouragement.

Our goal was scored by Paul Parsons, and it''s a shame it came after they had scored their second and third, because for a spell in the second half Tudor Sports really couldn''t get the ball in our half. One goal and the game could well have been ours.

This Saturday we have a cup game, so a chance to cause an upset against a team from a higher division. If we take the fight we showed in the first half of the second half (confused??? I am) to the game, then we''ll do well. If we let Neil Barnes dictate the kick off, we''ll surely lose!!! Sorry I couldn''t write a match report without taking the Mick out of someone!! (note I''ve left Ivor alone, the reason being I''m not sure whether he''s managed to put his toys back in the pram yet!!).

See you in a couple of weeks fellas, hopefully on the back of a win.