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Match Report

Saturday 12th October 2013

Kent Cup
1st round

Adam Ellson, George Belchamber
2 - 3
Wickham Park

By Luke Johnson

Cup defeat, long run ends!

First things first, we were beaten by the better team on the day. No fault to any one of us in the squad, the effort and play were good. We haven\'t come against a team as good as us yet this season. On Saturday we did.

We went 1 nil up deservedly. For once we didn\'t start badly! Ad Ellson flicked on a great free kick from Stu, there may have been the smallest touch from their defender, but I don\'t like putting own goals down, so you can have that one skip.

After being pegged back we took the lead again with 15 to go. Georgie Belchamber starting a very good team move and finishing off Lloyd Miller\'s excellent cross from close range.

An immediate equaliser straight from a corner was exactly what we didn\'t need, but was exactly what happened. Their 3rd did look like it was coming and duly did with a few minutes left.

On another day we might have clung on, but fair play to Wickham Park; they deserved their victory.

We lost our discipline a bit during the game. I would like to apologise to Stu\'s mum and dad for my colourful language on the side line, I was still a bit drunk from a Friday with Russ.

Dave Martin got MOM, mainly coz his young nephews and his Mrs were there and we wanted them to think uncle Dave was great.

Another cup game next week, I\'m sure we\'ll play a league game soon.

Team - Gibbs; Tapsfield (Slater), Belchamber, Reynolds, Martin; Ellson, Hussey (Cross), Lenton; Webb, Miller, Johnstone (Barnes)

Man of the match: Dave Martin