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Match Report

Saturday 23rd September 2006

Eltham Palace Res.
4 - 2
Third XI
Paul Burford, David Martin

By Paul Parsons

I have been deliberating for 20 minutes what the first line of this match report should be. I cannot decide whether the score reflected the game or not……

We matched a very strong Eltham Palace side during first half in short spurts. In 45 minutes of play we had 4 or 5 half chances to score and they had 4 good chances in which they converted two and Geoff in goal saved the others very well. Our chances were created from hard graft upfront from Paul B and Simon D, who both never gave up the cause all game. The back four of Stoyle, Parsons, Harding and Arnold did not look as solid as the previous week, and we were all not sure where each of us were going to be, there was no ‘sixth sense’ as I like to think of it. So 2 down was a fair reflection.

Two more goals in the second half would not have been fair, lots of hard work in this half from the midfield of Martin, Blay, Dine and Tomkins meant we were competing more and keeping possession more, not afraid to pass it sideways and back, making the opposition do the running, and when Terry Dunford came on for Simon Davies who had quite literally run himself into the ground, there was a renewed vigour about the team. Also with 15 minutes left Laurence Smith came on for the injured Jack Harding and showed spirit and guile for his debut.

This led to two great goals of real class and this reflected the never give up attitude of the team in the final 20 minutes. What I cannot put my finger on is why it took us that long to believe we could get something out of the game, and how did we not have the confidence to put a goal away earlier?


Another Saturday beckons and Ed has a strange week to decipher all that was seen on Saturday, one for Dan Brown I guess…